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International Trade Organization, an early proposed form of GATT and WTO, began in London during the autumn of 1946 and continued in New York until the spring, 1947. In an effort to complete the work on the most extensive multilateral trade cooperation so far attempted, trade organizations in private sector worldwide gathered together in a collective form as part of International Trade Conference in Geneva on April 10, 1947. Since then, in order to achieve the far-reaching cooperation to cope with contemporary global trade conditions, most of major countries have been establishing trade organizations, at both national and regional levels, with a variety of names such as International Trade Board, International Trade Association, International Trade Council, Export Import Association and World Trade Association, each suitable to their own situations, with a motto of "Free and Fair Trade for All". To effectively succeed and further facilitate the spirit of ITO on private sector, International Export Import Organization(EXIM®) as a non-profit, non-governmental, apolitical and private global entity, has been officially established in early 2,000's, vis-a-vis the inter-governmental entities such as WTO.

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